Academic Programs

Schools and Institutes


Yunnan University has 26 schools, 9 research institutes, 1 general teaching department and 1 Affiliated University Hospital. 16599 full time undergraduate students, 13537 full time graduate students on campus. 94 undergraduate programs.


School of Literature

Chinese Language and Literature

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language


Radio and TV Journalism

Philosophy (Philosophical Anthropology)

( Ethnology)


School of Economics (School of Accounting)


International Economy and Trade




International Business

Public Finance


School of Business Administration and Tourism Management

Business Administration

Tourism Management

Financial Management


Logistics Management

Cultural Industry Management


School of Public Administration (School of Social Work)

Politics and Administration

International Politics

Public Sector Management

Administrative Management


Social Work Studies

Archival Science

Information Management and Information Systems


School of Law


Drug Control


School of Foreign Languages





School of Art and Design

Fine Arts



Art Design


School of Physics and Astronomy

Basic Mathematical Science


Applied Physics

Electrical Science & Technology

Material Physics

Material Chemistry

Inorganic Non-metal Material Engineering


School of Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information and Calculation Science



School of Resource Environment and Earth Sciences

Atmospheric Science

Geographic Physics

Management of Resource Environment and Urban-Rural Infrastructure

Geographic Information System



School of Architecture and Planning

City Planning

City Management

Engineering Management

Landscape Building Design

Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering


School of Information Science

Computer Science & Technology

Communication Engineering

Armed Police Trainees

Electronic Information Science & Technology

Electronic Information Engineering


School of Software

Software Engineering

Network Engineering

Information Security

Digital-media Technology


School of Life Science

Biological Science

Life Science & Technology


Environment Science



School of Chemical Science and Engineering


Applied Chemistry

Pharmacy Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology


School of Physical Education

Physical Education


School of Vocational and Continuing Education

Financial Accounting

Marketing Education

Chinese Language and Literature


School of Medicine

School of Agriculture

School of International Education

Department of English for Non-English Majors

School of Marxism Studies

School of Ecology and Environmental Science

School of Material Science and Engineering

School of Ethnology and Sociology

School of History and Archives Science


Institute of The Belt and The Road Strategy Studies

Institute of Development Studies

Institute of Higher Education Research

Institute of Ethnic Groups Studies

Institute of International Relations

Institute of Cultural Industry Research

Institute of Natural Sciences

Institute of Engineering and Technology

Institute of Myanmar Studies

Institute of Ethnic Policy and Frontier Governance

Institute of Energy Studies